Devils in the Nentir Vale

First Time in Fallcrest

Episode 14


Character Race Class Player
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
Gnarsh Half-Orc Barbarian Eugene
Abraxus Dragonborn Fighter Matthias
AshiBeni ’RainCloud Half-Elf Wizard Kanova
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon

Plot Summary
After a restless night at the Tower of Vanamere, the party resumed its journey to Fallcrest. The rest of the journey was uneventful.

Upon arrived at the river city, the party met the dragonborn ferryman, Medresh Shelem. He and Abraxus struck up a conversation where the rumor was heard that the colder than usual spring is due to Calastryx the White Dragon working with harpies in the Winterbole Forest.

The party then went to Teldorthan’s Arms, the store and shop of the dwarf weaponsmith, Teldorthan Ironhews. Teldorthan told them of the adventurers that hired him to make some dragonscale armor. These adventurers traveled to a dark wood north of Fallcrest and slew the adamantium dragon, Karonzaxus. Teldorthan then offered the party 200 GP or a +1 weapon or armor if they would go back to Karonzaxus’ lair and retrieve 15 dragon scales and return them to Teldorthan. The party accepted.

As the party made their way through the Lower Quays of Fallcrest, they fell into a game of Goblin Army (a dice/bluffing game) with an attractive half-elf female. Alston found the game to be of his liking, unfortunately the game was a ruse. As they played, three tough human thugs surrounded the party with nefarious intent. As Alston attempted to pick the half-elf’s pocket, the situation degenerated quickly into a battle with these thugs and grifters, who it was revealed were members of the River Rats, a well known thieves’ guild from Fallcrest. In the ensuing battle Gnarsh died an ignoble death, and there was much wailing in the streets (not really)

Alston revealed his history with the River Rats. It seems he used his psionic powers to seduce and steal a turquoise gem from the daughter of the halfling leader of the River Rats, whose name is Kelson. In addition to leading a thieves’ guild, Kelson also owns and operates a tavern in the Lower Quays by the name of the Lucky Gnome.

After the battle the party made their way to the house of AshiBeni’s family in the Upper Quays of Fallcrest, in the shadow of the Temple of Erathis. There they met several of Ashi’s siblings, notably Ta’Mairra, Rude, and Liliana. Fo, Ashi’s brother, also is in Fallcrest, but stays at the House of the Sun, the Temple to Pelor, where he is a paladin.

Over the next three days, the party holed at the family house, where Karl created several potions of cure light wounds. Ashi and Abraxus took a carriage to the RainCloud manor house, which lies about 5 miles north of Fallcrest. Ashi was greeted rudely at the door by her sister Baratunde, and told to leave, that Ashi was not wanted.

During this interval, the head priest at the House of the Sun, a firey dwarf named Grundelmar, asked the PCs to venture into Fallcrests catacombs and recover a magical tome known as the Anusari Codex. He told the PCs to look out for a necromancer named Traevus, also a dwarf, whom Grundelmar believes also seeks the Anusari Codex.

Megoras, a nobleman that Ashi’s family had long connections with, also sought the party’s help in recovering a ritual book he was to have delivered.

Obstacles Defeated

River Rats

Monster Role Level Number XP for 1 Total XP
Market Green Grifter Lurker 2 1 125 125
Lowtown Kneebreaker Brute 3 3 150 450
Lowtown Urchin Skirmisher 1 2 100 200

Episode Rewards

Experience:775 XP for the River Rats Total. Per character:155XP

Loot:A Level 3 Treasure parcel recovered from the River Rats stash house in the Lower Quays (380 GP?)



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