Devils in the Nentir Vale

Fraley Scores Again

Episode 18


Character Race Class Player
Dungeon Master God Supreme Being Kanova
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
Shinto Felltail Tiefling Wizard Erik
Hrothgar the Stout Human Warden Dwayne
Gruuruu Human Monk Eugene

Plot Summary
The episode began in Fallcrest, with the party saying good-bye to Fo Rain’Cloud. Fo left Fallcrest, and also said good-bye to his god, Pelor.

The party received three quests.

  • Lord Perseus of Fallcrest asked to see them about something.
  • A group of bandits had taken up residence west of Fallcrest and needed to be dealt with.
  • An elven village hadn’t been heard from in quite some time, and the party was needed to uncover this mystery.

The party decided to take out the bandits to the west of Fallcrest. They met up with a weirdo human monk named GruuRuu, and he joined the compatriots.
They travelled to the bandits hideout, and GruuRuu scouted ahead. They found a fort, which had been known by the name Fort Moonruby. The bandits were there, celebrating a haul, and the party attacked. The bandits were handily slain, but the bandit leader, Brianna, survived and escaped.

The bandits had had a prisoner, Vera, who wished to be returned to Fallcrest. In the treasure room of the fort, the party found the dragonborn scroll mentioned by the Honest Few. It seems that when a dragonborn comes near the scroll, the scroll delivers a specific, unique message to that dragonborn. As Abraxus was not with the party, they were unable to test it out.

Karl also discovered that he could “attune” the tower just outside the fort to himself, and it would function as a searching spotlight at his command.

The party decided to leave Taloklaxus the wyrmling dragon in the treasure room and return to Fallcrest. The party also agreed to donate half their loot to begin building Taloklaxus’ hoard.

On the road east to Fallcrest, the party saw an explosion of birds and heard a loud noise from ahead. Karl sensed an item of importance. They heard a human’s voice bellowing at his underlings.

In a clearing, they found a cart that had half slid into a sinkhole, with several cultists gathered around it. The party recognized the human atop the cart as Russell Lorie, a cult leader of some renown. The cultists were busy fighting off spiders that had emerged from the sinkhole.

The party engaged the spiders, and as battle raged, Karl heard a voice in his head calling to him. A bear and two wolves emerged from the nearby wood, hungry and looking for an easy meal. Lorie was in possession of a powerful artifact of evil, the second of the three Fraley artifacts. It was a knife in the shape of a phoenix, and from it a demon emerged and began to attack Lorie.

Karl uttered the haiku that he’d found inscribed in the first of the Fraley tombs, and the demon vanished. Lorie and his followers were killed, the bear and wolves were also put to the sword, and the spiders died as well. Someone saw a drider inside the sinkhole, and the followers of Lolth were implicated as part of the situation. This is an omen of dark times ahead.

The party, tired and ready for rest, continued to Fallcrest.

Episode Rewards

Encounter Total Party XP XP Per Member
Fort Moonruby Bandits 1200 240
Cultists,Spiders,Beasts,Demon 1150 287


Encounter Item Level Value Story Item?
Fort Moonruby Bandits Cash - 550GP;50SP;5CP N
Cultists,Spiders,Beasts,Demon Potion of Healing 5 50 N
Cultists,Spiders,Beasts,Demon Cash 120GP N
Cultists,Spiders,Beasts,Demon Fraley Dagger ? ? Y
Cultists,Spiders,Beasts,Demon Riding Horse Level 1 Brute 75 N
Cultists,Spiders,Beasts,Demon Journal of Russell Lorie - ? Y



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