Devils in the Nentir Vale

Freeing the Elven Village

Episode 19


Character Race Class Player
Dungeon Master God Supreme Being Kanova
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon
Hrothgar the Stout Human Warden Dwayne

Plot Summary
A letter had been found in Fort Moonruby and brought back to the safehouse in Fallcrest.
Once back in town, the party was approached by one of Kelson’s former guards, Kevrry. He asked the party to escort him back to his village, Delgall, which lies to the south of Fallcrest.

The prisoner, Vera, was brought to Lord Perseus, as she requested. She revealed herself to be the Duchess of Gardmore Abbey, and had been kidnapped by the Forgotten because she knew too much about them.

While in the presence of Lord Perseus, he told the party about the mystery surrounding the elf village of Moonruby. Even though the lord had sent two groups of guards to the village, nothing had been heard in some time. Perseus offered the party 150 GP up front to scout the village for any information they could find. An additional 100 – 120 GP would be delivered to the party upon receipt of a scouting report, and possibly double or triple that amount if any threats discovered were dealt with.

Ta’Maira Rain’Cloud, who was in court when the party accepts this quest, offers them 150 GP to return any information about Moonruby to the Rain’Cloud Manor house before returning to Perseus.

Xansterr the Ignorant told of the unfortunate occurance of the party’s safehouse in Fallcrest burning to the ground. The Honest Few contacts move to Fort Moonruby. The party also garnered the help of Kevrry in the investigation of the Village of Moonruby.

As they travel to the former village site, the party comes upon a former resident of the village of Mistwatch, and learn that adventurers are being raised as undead there.

They also see some of Kelson’s men robbing a carriage. Unable to help, the party swears to make Perseus aware of these crimes.

Upon exploring Moonruby, the party fights several elves, who seem to be under some sort of strange compulsion, as though their pain receptors were inhibited. After the first fight, one escapes, and the party is able to follow her tracks to Moonruby.

Once at the site, the party could tell that the population had been hastily evacuated, and the village had been sacked. Many had been slaughtered by something that came out of the nearby woods. In the village center stood the town hall, which had had its door barred from the inside.

They could hear a loud grunting, and a large, intelligent bugbear burst out. Several of the strangely-behaving elves appeared. The party nearly defeated the bugbear, but it managed to escape. A Yuan-Ti noncombatant was found in a side chamber.

Episode Rewards

Encounter Total Party XP XP Per Member
Total Episode 1150 287


Encounter Item Level Value Story Item?
“Nice Guy” Money from Perseus 150GP N
Town Hall fight 360 GP N
Town Hall fight Time Link Chainmail +1 4 840 GP N



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