Devils in the Nentir Vale

Our very own dragon!

Episode 16


Character Race Class Player
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
AshiBeni ’RainCloud Half-Elf Wizard Kanova
Marana Human Warlock/Rogue Heidi
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon

Plot Summary
Continuing through the lair of the former dragon, Karonzaxus, the party overcame the final obstacle to the recovery of 15 adamantine dragon scales. In the final chamber they discovered a number of kobolds, including the kobold leader, a wyrmpriest named Varza.

It seems the kobolds had moved into the dragon’s lair after a band of adventurers killed Karonzaxus. The kobolds (of the Fireclaw tribe) also found an orphaned adamantine dragon wyrmling, Taloklaxus. Varza began demanding that Taloklaxus kill goblins and other humans the Fireclaws had been able to kidnap and bring to the lair. The wyrmling, being immature and looking for a foster family, began to do as Varza demanded, even though it felt bad about it.

By the time that the party arrived, Taloklaxus was rueful enough about this situation that she listened when AshiBeni began to appeal to Taloklaxus’ better nature in Draconic. As the rest of the party dealt with the Fireclaws, Ashi and Karl got the dragon to refuse to fight and it flew from the lair and curled up outside the cave mouth.

The party (with the help of several natural 20s) handily defeated the kobolds, and even though Varza surrendered and pledged the support of the Fireclaw tribe if the party were to take care of a goblin problem the Fireclaws had, the party declined the offer and killed her. Taloklaxus joined the party as its first mascot/pet.

After retrieving the last 15 scales from Karonzaxus’ corpse, the party began to travel back to Fallcrest. They observed two spined devils (spinagons) flying high above, and as the spinagons saw them, they turned to the direction the party was heading. The party surmised that the spined devils were looking for them, and they were right.

Alston and AshiBeni’s raven scouted ahead, and ascertained that the five humans and two spined devils wore the round chain of the Iron Circle. The party then found advantageous ground, set up several snares, and surprised the Iron Circlites. A difficult battle then ensued, and the Battle Standard of Healing proved to be worth its weight in gold, as the party dropped to unconsciousness several times under the poisonous spines of the devils.

The party proved itself resilient, and defeated the threat. After the battle wound down, it was discovered that Yakov, the Dark Adept that was captured in Fraley’s tomb, was chained by the neck and had been the one to positively identify the party. The party had not yet killed him as the episode ended, and Yakov promised to never again lie to them and claimed to have knowledge of the Iron Circle’s plans.

Obstacles Defeated
The skill challenge to tame Taloklaxus for 400 XP

Encounter: Fireclaw Kobolds in Karonzaxus’ Lair

Monster Role Level Number XP for 1 Total XP
Kobold Tunneler Minion Skirmisher 1 3 25 75
Kobold Quickblade Skirmisher 1 3 100 300
Kobold Dragonshield Soldier 2 2 125 250
Kobold Wyrmpriest Elite Artillery (Leader) 5 1 400 400

Encounter: The Iron Circle

Monster Role Level Number XP for 1 Total XP
Iron Circle Guards Soldier 3 4 150 600
Iron Circle Dark Adept Controller (Leader) 3 1 150 150
Spined Devils (Spinagons) Skirmisher 4 2 175 350

Episode Rewards

Encounter Total Party XP XP Per Member Loot
Fireclaw Kobolds in Karonzaxus’ Lair 1425 374 75GP; Leather Armor of Dark Majesty +1 (L4); Bag of Holding (L6)
The Iron Circle 1100 220 60GP; Potion of Healing



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