Devils in the Nentir Vale

He's But a Wee Shaver

Episode 10

Treasure Gained: 15 GP, and the coats of arms of three members of the Iron Circle

Monsters Defeated:6 Human Goons, 5 Iron Circle Brigands, 4 Tar Devil Juveniles, 1 Iron Circle Dark Adept, 1 Tar Devil Brawler

Experience Gained: 1296 Total, 323 Each

Main Events/Plot points:

After the huge win last week in Restwell Keep, this weeks adventure began with the party meeting a gnome psion/rogue named Alston (played by John). The party moved immediately to the cave of Fraley treasure that Cousin Reginald told them about in Session 8. At the entrance they defeated several goons, brigands, and tar devil juveniles. Alston found traveling in Abraxus’ backpack to be less safe than one might think.

They climbed down the rope to the slick and slimy second level of the dungeon. Despite the limited mobility of the area, they still managed to defeat the Iron Circlites that were there. Alston proved an intimidating gnome, delivering the final stroke to end the threat of the Tar Devil Brawler there, and confidently striding through Ashi‘s Pillar of Flame to the remaining Iron Circle Dark Adept and Brigands. Karl intimidated them into surrender, and forced them to sign over their fealty to him, writing the promise in their own blood on Ashi’s cast off day dress. The night ended with three Iron Circlites tied with DC 17 bonds just outside a large silver panel that may or may not be a door to the fabled vault of House Fraley treasures.



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