Devils in the Nentir Vale

The Hoard

Episode 11

Plot Summary
It turned out the silver panel was a door of sorts, barring anyone without Fraley blood and the command word, “Git Ow-n Otta Heeyah” from entering. Karl uttered the hick phrase, the silver panel slid up, revealing a large set of double doors. Blast! Foiled agin!

A complexity 4 skill challenge ensued, which the party failed. They lost 2 healing surges, the doors blasted open anyway, and the guardian of House Fraley’s hoard got a surprise round against them.

The guardian was Darom Madar, an oath wight, which is a powerful undead creature capable of dominating and forcing PCs to attack each other-Good Fun!

There were 8 columns in the chamber, all of them carved with devilish faces and exuding hellish power. Darom Madar was able to use these columns to teleport around the chamber, and any PC who could make a DC 17 Arcana check could also utilize these columns to teleport, but if they didn’t make the Arcana check, they were teleported randomly instead. Even more Fun!

In the third round of the fight, Gnarsh, who had been following the party, slid down the shaft from the first level of the caverns, and proceeded to scare the shit out of the Iron Circleites that were now guarding the rear. Gnarsh, ever the diplomatic one, managed to get by the guards and entered the chamber just in time to get dominated and stab Abraxus in the face a few times.

By the 10th round, Darom Madar was defeated, and it was hoard stealin’ time! The details of what the hoard contained is detailed below, although two certain items stood out.

A silver goblet, engraved with scenes of devils and humans cavorting, emanated a seriously evil aura. In place of the eyes of the devils on this goblet were 6 tiny rubies. The Iron Circle Dark Adept was particularly piqued by this piece, and when asked, told the party that this was the object the Iron Cirlce had sent them to acquire. Karl also got them to reveal the location of the Iron Circle’s main camp in the Chaos Scar.

In an old warddrobe (of no value), the party found a note inscribed with the following Haiku:

Many eyes watch the phoenix

feast on hot fishes

the Fraley hoard, yours to keep

After an extended rest, the party decided to check out the remaining area of the caverns. The next area was down a steep, slime covered slide. Karl rode his floating disk, Alston rode Gnarsh like a surfboard, Abraxus assumed the lotus position and meditated down on his ample dragonborn ass, and AshiBeni followed behind. They skidded to a stop in a smaller lightless chamber. A few moments after arriving, weird reptilian insects (or were they insectoid reptiles?) began to pour in from adjacent chamber. These were Kruthiks, and boy howdy, did the PCs kill the hell out of them! Searching the chambers turned up a treasure parcel, detailed below.


Character Race Class Player
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
Gnarsh Half-Orc Barbarian Eugene
Abraxus Dragonborn Fighter Matthias
AshiBeni ’RainCloud Half-Elf Wizard Kanova
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon


Monetary-Total Level 2 parcels: 5

The Hoard of House Fraley, Part I Level 2 Parcels 4, 6, 10 and the goblet worth 250 GP

  • 2000 Copper Pieces
  • Everburning Torch (50 GP)
  • 15 Silver Bars worth 5 Gold Pieces each
  • Fine suit of clothing embroidered with “DF” (30 GP)
  • Amulet of Health +1, a level 3 item
  • A felt pouch containing 100 GP and an orb (15 GP)
  • A stained bag run through with silver thread containing 50 SP
  • A jar filled with 8 ounces of sweet smelling perfume (40 GP)
  • The Note mentioned above
  • The silver goblet mentioned above which is worth 250 GP

Treasure in the Kruthik lair Level 2 Parcel 5

  • 2 100 GP gems
  • Healing Potion
  • 40 GP

Experience Points

First Encounter: 1050 Total 210 Each

Second Encounter: 797 Total 159 Each

Obstacles Overcome

  • Darom Madar, Level 4 Solo Monster
  • The Pillars of Chaos, Level 4 Hazard
  • 12 Kruthik Hatchlings, Level 2 Minions
  • 2 Sharn Kruthik, Level 2 Lurker
  • 1 Adult Kruthik, Level 4 Brute



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