Devils in the Nentir Vale

You're Not the Boss of Us

Episode 17


Character Race Class Player
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
Abraxus Dragonborn Fighter Matthias
AshiBeni ’RainCloud Half-Elf Wizard Kanova
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon
Shinto Felltail Tiefling Wizard Erik
Hrothgar the Stout Human Warden Dwayne

Plot Summary
The episode began with the party on the road, with Yakov, the former Iron Circleite prostrate before the party, begging for his life. The PCs decide to let him live and return to Fallcrest.

Close to reaching Fallcrest, AshiBeni is engulfed in bright light and vanishes. The party is approached by Aluthana, a female elf member of the Honest Few. She informs the party that they’ve been followed during their time in Fallcrest, and that the Kelson and his thieves, the River Rats, are away from their hideout currently, and the Honest Few would like to enlist the great Alston and his band to break into the Lucky Gnome (Kelson’s taphouse in Lowtown), and retrieve an item for them. The party agrees to this idea.

They then returned the dragon scales from Karonzaxus’ lair and retrieved the experience points and a +1 Longsword as payment.

The Honest Few gave the party a hideout just on the south edge of Fallcrest, and asked them to pursue the quest, mentioned above, for them. The party gladly accepted the property as a place to keep their prisoner, Yakov, and the dragon wyrmling, Taloklaxus.

They then went to the Lucky Gnome to break in and retrieve (???). While the rest of the party created a diversion outside, Alston snuck in and began looting the place, everything he could get his hands on being placed in the Bag of Holding. The distraction entailed getting a drunk guard to heave out a few kegs, which Hrothgar drank lustily. As is common with free beer, a crowd gathered, and this created an outstanding distraction for Alston to make his way to the third story of the Lucky Gnome.

Once Alston made it to the third floor, he discovered that the whole heist had been a set up. Kelson and many guards appeared. They seized the Bag of Holding, and explained that to get it back, Alston and the party would have to break into and search four locations around Fallcrest to search for a dragonborn scroll. Alston refused, and demanded the Bag be returned. He ghost-sounded for help, and IT WAS ON!

Hrothgar, Abraxus, and Shinto headed for the third floor to rescue Alston, while Karl stayed outside to attempt to assist from there. The party quickly determined that they were vastly outgunned and made the gentlemanly decision to GTFO! There was a lot of running, and Shinto helped set fire to the place. Hrothgar, Karl, and Alston managed to escape, with Abraxus and Shinto getting knocked unconscious and captured.

Fortunatley, the elves who have taken the party under their wing had moles planted in the Kelson’s organization, and had Abraxus and Shinto sprung. The party met up back at the shack. The partial destruction of the Lucky Gnome, and the damage done to Kelson’s reputation earned a huge payoff by the elves.

Obstacles Defeated

Dealing with Kelson

Monster Role Level Number XP for 1 Total XP
Kelson ? 7? 1 ? ?
Lowtown Town Guards ? 6? Lots ? ?

Episode Rewards

Encounter Total Party XP XP Per Member
Dealing with Kelson 2400 480


Encounter Item Level Value Story Item?
Dealing with Kelson Hat of Disguise 10 5000 GP N
Dealing with Kelson 2 Potions of Healing 5 50 GP Each N
Dealing with Kelson Amulet of Life +1 5 1000 GP N
Dealing with Kelson Flowform Cloth Armor +1 4 840 GP N
Dealing with Kelson Dragonclaw Hide Armor +1 4 840 GP N
Dealing with Kelson 678 GP
Dealing with Kelson 125 SP
Dealing with Kelson 690 CP



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