AshiBeni Rain'Cloud

Half-Elf Wizard (Arcanist)


Physical Description:

5’4" 135lbs Half-Elf (Human) 218 in elf years, 25 in human years. Light Brown or Bronze skin. She has a total of nine tattoos on her body. One on her upper back right under her shoulders, one on her right leg, two on each side of her body, two on each palm of her hands and one on her left ankle and two on each of her ears.


AshiBeni is very intelligent and a great thinker. She often gets caught up in her readings and loses touch with the world around her. She does think of others, but her concerns and beliefs often take priority over others. She is very uncomfortable around nobles or nobility, and takes any (calculated) attack at them or just avoids them altogether.

She seems to like both male and female courtship, saying that she judges partners off of connection, rather than gender. This belief has led her to some rather humorous situations.

AshiBeni is very outspoken and will always voice her opinion, but if she is working with a group she takes in all input from the others first before voicing her opinion.

She often wears her hood up when she travels because she has ran into a few elf haters and wishes not to deal with their kind again. She also hides the fact that she is a elf from new people she meets by wearing a headband while her hood is down.


Update: Episode 17

AshiBeni vanished in a flash of golden light. It is unknown what happened to her.

History and Family:

AshiBeni is a Fae Half-Elf. Fae elves were known for their ability to use their bodies natural magic to create powerful spells, magic items and special locks to keep them safe. The sky kingdom of Fionn was home to the Fae Elves but was abandoned after a attack on the kingdom from a band of many different elven races and human tribes that sought to gain access to the hidden treasures of the kingdom. The Fae elves lost the battle and decided to leave the kingdom, but not until after activating a spell that not only drove the attackers away but sealed the city as well. The seal can only be unlocked by a Fae Sculptor, who has the ability to create a direct current between two magic orbs.

AshiBeni was not born in the kingdom of Fionn, its fall was hundreds of years before she was born. She was born to an elven woman and human man that often traveled the land. It is unknown why she was abandoned, but it seems it was for her protection.

AshiBeni was found in an abandoned cabin in the woods right outside of Winterhaven. She was taken in by Koa and Silas Rain’Cloud, high elf nobles living in Fallcrest. The pair was visiting Winterhaven to recruit servants and bodyguards. One of the maids heard crying coming from a small house. She found a small elven child. When Koa and Silas saw the child they immediately noticed the markings on the child and realized she was descended from the Equistia kingdom. They took her in with the hopes of later using her to open the seal to the kingdom and gain the riches and treasures left behind.

AshiBeni hated living as a noble and how she was treated by her sister, Baratunde. AshiBeni became very close to her adopted sister Ta’Mairra, a dark skinned high elf, who like her was not born of Silas and Koa.

She has 10 brothers and sisters in total (not counting herself). Here they are listed oldest to youngest.

  1. Hera (female) is 324yrs old and always worries about her siblings,
  2. Ta’May (female) is 300yrs old, and is hyper and always energetic,
  3. Fo (male), at 297yrs old, considers himself a great paladin and warrior of the divine… the only problem is that he can’t figure out what deity he wants to follow.
  4. Baratunde (female) at 292yrs old, is very rude and ambitious. She views her siblings as competition and nothing more than objects to over come.
      She is harder on AshiBeni because
    1. she doesn’t understand why her parents view her as useful, and
    2. AshiBeni is always standing up to her when she downgrades her and the other siblings.
  5. Ya’Fena (female) is 287yrs old and very quiet and soft spoken. She and Ashibeni has a bit of a connection as well. They have the same interests and always read books together. AshiBeni misses her as well.
  6. Rude (male) is 267yrs old, and is considered a playboy and womanizer. He and AshiBeni have had arguments over different women they both tried to court at the same time.
  7. Ker (male) is 260yrs old and very secretive and the closet to their parents. It is believed that he often reports what each of his siblings are doing to their parents, as well as going on special missions and assignments for them.
  8. Paula (female: half elf mixed with human) is 220yrs old and is the child of an affair that Lord Silas had. The maid he had the affair with is long dead, but Mistress Koa is quick to remind him of her acceptable of it and he should never forget her kindness. Paula and AshiBeni are long time playmates and would always get into trouble together. Paula is very strong willed and intelligent, but this is all over-shadowed by her large breasts. She is often the butt of a lot of Baratunde’s jokes.
  9. Liliana (female Half elf/orc) is 200yrs old and was taken in by Silas and Koa right after AshiBeni. Liliana is very strong and desires to one day be a great knight, but her personality conflicts with that. She is shy and innocent and hates conflict and fighting. She views AshiBeni as her Beloved sister, mainly because Ashibeni would always read to her and play with her and stand up for her. She often calls AshiBeni “Ashi.”
  10. Ta’Mairra has a special place in Ashi ’Beni’s heart because they (in her mind) share a similar fate. Ta’Mairra was found in an alley and taken in by the Rain’Cloud family as well (for reasons unknown). She often acts out of character around Ta’Mairra, constantly asking her if she needs anything or being overly protective, especially if men are around. She also loves and cares for Liliana and Ya’Fena in the same respects. AshiBeni loves all of her siblings but Baratunde, with whom she always agrues.

AshiBeni learned early that she had a great ability for magic and became the apprentice of Oge Whitemane, a powerful orc mage. AshiBeni worked with Oge for 5 years before her parents began to request she return home. At first she was excited to return home, mainly to see her beloved sisters again, as well as her other siblings-except Baratude.

As she packed for her return trip she bumped into a bookshelf and was hit in the head with a strange book; Legends of the Fae. As she read the book she noticed that the markings on her hands were very similar to those in the book. Soon after that she received a letter from Ta’Mairra explaining that their parents had sent armed guards to escort her home and were acting very strangely and it may be in her best interest not to return home at this time. She quickly thought of a plan of escape and left Oge a letter explaining her situation. She escaped the ten armed guards by blowing up an empty inn and running during the aftermath and chaos.

She still received letters from Ta’Mairra and her other siblings at hidden locations updating her on things and giving her gold for her travels. Her parents stopped sending adventurers and bounty hunters to find her after she continued to elude them, but started to send letters asking for a meeting to discuss what plans they have and why it is important for her to comply.

Theme: Wizard’s Apprentice

Apprentices exist in any trade, of course, but none are more famous—or infamous—than wizards’ apprentices. Stories tell of foolish apprentices stealing peeks at books that should not be opened, fumbling love charms, or botching transmutations by treating dangerous magic as a clever toy. Other tales recall clever apprentices who come up with just the right spell to save a village while their masters are away, or boldly putting their lessons to good use as they set out in search of adventure. Whether they turn out to be rash or resourceful, wizards’ apprentices begin their careers with a priceless advantage: the personal instruction and tutelage of an experienced master.

In exchange for the privilege of learning magic, wizards’ apprentices normally spend years engaged in whatever drudgery and chores their masters deem fitting. A typical human wizard’s apprentice begins his or her studies around the age of eleven or twelve and remains in the master’s household for five or six years. Experienced spellcasters can take on apprentices for a variety of reasons: to share their appreciation of the art, to repay the work of their own masters by instructing a worthy student, or to tutor a young noble. Surprisingly, many of the most reclusive or suspicious—even evil—spellcasters take on apprentices; some regard it as their duty to pass along their learning, some hope to shape talented young mages into future allies (or minions), and others desire an audience to witness the brilliance of their schemes. Evil masters are often callous or exacting, but only the stupidest are actively sadistic toward their apprentices; after all, it’s not wise to share secrets of power with someone you’ve caused to hate you.

Adventuring wizards’ apprentices are usually young adults whose training is more or less complete. They no longer live in their masters’ households, and they aren’t obligated to wash floors or scrub pots between lessons. Assuming such an individual parted from his or her master on good terms, the apprentice has at least one knowledgeable patron willing to offer advice and assistance in important matters. Many wizards’ apprentices retain their loyalty to their masters throughout their lifetimes, even if they surpass their masters’ achievements. Apprentices who were taught by particularly powerful or famous masters can serve as agents and allies of those mentors, and they see themselves as the appointed guardians of a long and honored tradition. Just as noble families have ancestral lines going back centuries, many famous spellcasters likewise come from lines of apprentice–master relationships tracing back to famous wizards or sorcerers of old.


AshiBeni dreams of becoming a very powerful Wizard and Arcanist. She always has an eye out for magic items and tomes. She also wants to be able to see her siblings on a regular basis. AshiBeni would do almost anything to increase her magical powers and this seems to get her in a lot of trouble sometimes. She wants to learn the secrets of her past and the past of her siblings that were taken into the Rain’Cloud family.

AshiBeni Rain'Cloud

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