Priest of Sehanine


Benwick, the traveling priest of Sehanine, is a rather rotund and kindly man. He crops his hair in the friar tuck style, and has a very unassuming nature. He is well liked by the people of the outer bailey of Restwell Keep, despite some nasty rumors that can’t seem to stop cropping up.


The PCs were introduced to Benwick through Chendera after they had proven their reluctance to accept the rule of Lord Drysdale.

Benwick asked the party to recover what they could of his friend Rihez, a traveling merchant who’d gone missing near the Old Gate. He asked the party to recover Rihez’s signet ring, and his ornate “S-shaped” dagger. The party traveled to the Old Gate, found Rihez’s body being eaten by Dire Boars, defeated the boars, found the ring and dagger, and decided (at Marana’s urging) to keep the dagger after its magical influence was discovered. They returned to Benwick, and bluffed him into believing their story.

Later, Benwick was present at the party Cousin Reginald threw at his arrival in Restwell Keep, and talked loudly about his suspicions of Ronnick the Moneylender.

When Karl was hatching his plan to humilate Lord Drysdale, Benwick was the one to recommend that the celebration for the Holy Fellowship of Erethelion would be an ideal time to show the entire community of Restwell Keep Drysdales foolishness.


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