Oneus Earthmane

Goliath Socerer and Sage


Oneus Earthmane is a Player Character patron, having sent the party on a couple of quests in the Chaos Scar. He has a private residence in Restwell Keep with a front sitting room where he entertains guests, a small lab for his arcane studies, and personal quarters. As all Goliath, he stands very tall, over 7 feet, has grayish skin, and is covered in black, oddly shaped markings. On Oneus, these markings shift and move (like Rorshach’s mask in Watchmen), when asked, Oneus tells that this is a side effect of his connection with the extra-planar forces that give him his socerous powers. He is somewhat absent-minded, and usually completely focused on his studies. He is apolitical, caring not a whit about most of the goings-on in Restwell Keep. He uses the word “fascinating” annoyingly often.

He sent the PCs on a quest to investigate a ruin within the Chaos Scar which he believed to be a property of his ancestor, Voran Earthmane. Once the PCs defeated the Bullywugs within and recovered Voran Earthmane’s Staff of Earthen Might and closed the portal the Staff had caused, Oneus sent the PCs on a second quest to investigate the source of an otherworldly blue light spilling out of a cave in the Chaos Scar. Within that cave, the PCs found strange aberrations called Fell Taints, Dimensional Marauders, and Chuuls. Gnarsh unfortunately was killed by the Fell Taints, and Oneus paid for and procured a Raise Dead scroll to raise him from the dead.

Oneus Earthmane

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