Ruanna Lorewise

Eccentric Elven Wizard


Ruanna is a slight elf with a shock of pure white hair that runs through the center of her otherwise jet black mane. She used to be called “skunky”


Ruanna is an old acquaintance of AshiBeni, having apprenticed under the same mage in Fallcrest.

She has information about an infernal foundary in the Chaos Scar that uses magically infused lava. She would like to hire the party to investigate.

Update: Episode 12
Ruanna was caught up in the encounter with the town guard of Restwell Keep. She was present when Cousin Reginald revealed his true nature as a devil, and the town guard, not knowing what was going on, arrested her along with the party. When the party made their daring escape from the jail of Restwell Keep, Ruanna was not seen in the jail, and her status and whereabouts are currently unknown.

Ruanna Lorewise

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