Devils in the Nentir Vale

Meet Cousin Reginald
Episode 8

Session began with the party in the cave of the rage drakes/giant ants. They had just defeated the drakes, and before they could take an extended rest, they were beset by a wave of giant ants, which turned into two encounters before they were able to say they were done.

Treasure Recovered:
* 650 gp of Residuum
* 155 gp
* Battle Standard of Healing (Level 3 Item)

Experience Gained:
* 925 Total divided by 3=308 each

Then the party wished to take an extended rest at “Fraley’s Mud Hut,” but determined that some kind of creature that utilizes webs had entered it, went to the tower area, and finally just traveled back to Restwell Keep to rest well. At the Stumbling Giant, they ran into Jarek, who initially gave them the hook to go to the drakes cavern, and gave him a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for setting them up. Boom! An extra 60 xp!

By the way, a natural 20 on a Charisma check at the Stumbling Giant to perform for pay will get you 2d6 gold for a night.

Ashi is an awful dancer, embarassing herself twice in the Stumbling Giant dancing on tables. Mother Aran said to her, “Please stop, dear, you’re going to hurt yourself.”

In the rest day, Ashi went to Oneus and presented him the Chaos Shard they extracted from the drakes cavern. He verified that the Shard was the same kind of magic the party has found in other places in the Scar, a weird, otherworldly, and evil kind of magic. She left it with Oneus to study.

Mid-morning the party met with Cousin Reginald, who arrived with six guards. He invited them to a private lunch. Ashi bought herself a wedding dress and arrived fashionably late. Cousin Reginald was instantly smitten. The party was invited to a campfire party outside the Keeps gates at sunset that night. They accepted.

Benwick was at the party, and mentioned his distrust and dislike of Ronnick, the moneylender. It seems Ronnick has cemented his reputation as an asshole by getting rough with some of his customers who are having a hard time making his payments.

Finally, as the moon got high in the sky, Cousins Reginald and Karl withdrew to the tent to discuss the reason for Reginalds appearance. Karl was told about the true history of his family, and about the treasure stashes his grandfather Dystrachan had created in the Chaos Scar. It seems that Dystrachan’s journal has revealed one, and Reginald wishes Karl to find it and split the treasure with him equally. He presented Karl with a Bard’s Songbow +1 as a gift, and the deal was sealed.

Tough Times for Hired Help
Episode 7

Treasure Gained: None, although Karl decided to keep the dynamic Weapon +2

Monsters Defeated: 1st encounter of Death in the Pincers

Experience Gained: 120 each

Main Events/Plot points:

Some time in Restwell, then went to drake’s cave in Death in the Pincers, finished the first encounter, ended with cliffhanger introduction to Encounter 2

NPC interactions:Hired Carsaadi Wyrmsbane and Brak, two men at arms from Restwell Keep– both died while in the caves of the drakes

Oneus gave information about the crystal staff and the +2 Dynamic weapon

  • +2 weapon, no matter what weapon it is, keeps its specific S-shape
  • Can be transformed into any other melee weapon with a minor action, but reverts back to dagger at end of encounter
  • Command word to change shape is: “Like a Boss”

    New directions/Hooks introduced: told about the immanent arrival of Cousin Reginald-told about the history of Restwell Keep -PCs very interested in exploring beneath the Keep for the fabled Greysen treasure

Elves of the Valley
Episode 6

Session 6 Post Game Wrap up
Heidi, Marana, Human Warlock Level 1
Mathias, Abraxas, Dragonborn Fighter Level 1
Ryan, Karl Human Bard Level 3
Eugene, Gnarsh, Half-Orc Barbarian Level 2
Kenova, Half-Elf Wizard Level 1

Adventure: Elves of the Valley
Treasure Gained:
Level 1 Parcels 3, 4, 7, 9
Deathsteel Scale +1 Level 2 Item
Obsidian Wand Level 3 Item
10 gp and Potion of Healing
1500 sp 3000 cp

Monsters Defeated:
2 Blackleaf Snipers
4 minion Hunting wolves
3 elf scouts
1 mud lasher
Voice in the Darkness
3 Bloodthorn vines
4 twig blight minions
Anise the Chaos Warrior
Fey Panther

Main Plot Points

They left the crystal staff and dynamic dagger +2 with Oneus to identify
They acquired 8 vials to collect weirdness from the Chaos Scar and return to him
A short skill challenge ensued in which the PCs cemented their relationship with Oneus
A town crier alerted the PCs to a celebration a week hence in which the heroes who brought to justice the Brothers Grey and rescued the halflings of Den of the Slave takers will be toasted and rewarded.
Next was the Elves in the Valley adventure, which the party handily defeated.

A Couple Side Quests
Episode 5

Session 5 Post Game Wrap up
Attendance: Heidi, Marana, Human Warlock
Mathias, Abraxas, Dragonborn Fighter
Ryan, Human Bard
Erik, Deva Cleric

Treasure Gained:
Dynamic Weapon +2
50 GP Bounty (conditional on delivering Rihez’s signet ring to Benwick
Crystal Staff (Value and properties to be determined)

Monsters Defeated:
3 level 3 Dire Boars
1 Level 1 Solo Gibberling Bunch

Main Plot Points

The PCs sell the horse.

The PCs meet with Chendera and Benwick in Restwell Keep. They improve their relationship with Chendera even further. Her opinion of them is extremely positive at this point. The party perceives Benwick as a source of quests. They accept the quest to find Rehiz’s dagger and signet ring. They rather handily defeat the dire boars, and decide, through Marana’s urging, to keep the magical dagger, although they don’t know it’s properties.

Keln then opens up to the party about his necessity to visit the Pillar of Eyes, so they travel there immediately after the fight with the dire boars. The battle with the gibberling bunch is pretty much a cake walk, as Abraxas gets the wand of scorching flame and succeeds with it three times in a row and then uses his hellfire and brimstone to immobilize the thing.

The party acquires the crystal staff at the center of the pillar of eyes, although they don’t know it’s properties. At this point, Keln and Karl are very close to Level 3, and expect to reach it once they return the signet ring to Benwick. At the end of the session, the party had just defeated the Gibberling Bunch and retrieved the crystal staff. The table chat was to ignore the Den of the Slavetakers quest and move on to the Elves of the Valley. The PCs will have completed Stuck in the Mud, Eyes of the Forest, and most of the Tainted Spiral. Elves of the Valley will probably be the last one of the Level 1 adventures of the Chaos Scar.

Shit got real
Episode 4

Present: Eugene Zuraff “Gnarsh” Level 2 Half-Orc Barbarian
Ryan Clay “Karl Fraley” Level 2 Human Bard
Eugene Zuraff “Keln” Level 2 Deva Cleric

Entered the Tainted Spiral
Defeated the first room
Easily defeated the skill challenge
Entered the second encounter area
Gnarsh was killed
The other two had to retreat, returned, cleared the room and returned to Restwell Keep.
The party talked Oneus Earthmane into providing them with a Raise Dead scroll to raise Gnarsh. Gnarsh now has the death penalty until the next three milestones
2 days pass after this session


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