Devils in the Nentir Vale

Shit got real
Episode 4

Present: Eugene Zuraff “Gnarsh” Level 2 Half-Orc Barbarian
Ryan Clay “Karl Fraley” Level 2 Human Bard
Eugene Zuraff “Keln” Level 2 Deva Cleric

Entered the Tainted Spiral
Defeated the first room
Easily defeated the skill challenge
Entered the second encounter area
Gnarsh was killed
The other two had to retreat, returned, cleared the room and returned to Restwell Keep.
The party talked Oneus Earthmane into providing them with a Raise Dead scroll to raise Gnarsh. Gnarsh now has the death penalty until the next three milestones
2 days pass after this session

A Couple Side Quests
Episode 5

Session 5 Post Game Wrap up
Attendance: Heidi, Marana, Human Warlock
Mathias, Abraxas, Dragonborn Fighter
Ryan, Human Bard
Erik, Deva Cleric

Treasure Gained:
Dynamic Weapon +2
50 GP Bounty (conditional on delivering Rihez’s signet ring to Benwick
Crystal Staff (Value and properties to be determined)

Monsters Defeated:
3 level 3 Dire Boars
1 Level 1 Solo Gibberling Bunch

Main Plot Points

The PCs sell the horse.

The PCs meet with Chendera and Benwick in Restwell Keep. They improve their relationship with Chendera even further. Her opinion of them is extremely positive at this point. The party perceives Benwick as a source of quests. They accept the quest to find Rehiz’s dagger and signet ring. They rather handily defeat the dire boars, and decide, through Marana’s urging, to keep the magical dagger, although they don’t know it’s properties.

Keln then opens up to the party about his necessity to visit the Pillar of Eyes, so they travel there immediately after the fight with the dire boars. The battle with the gibberling bunch is pretty much a cake walk, as Abraxas gets the wand of scorching flame and succeeds with it three times in a row and then uses his hellfire and brimstone to immobilize the thing.

The party acquires the crystal staff at the center of the pillar of eyes, although they don’t know it’s properties. At this point, Keln and Karl are very close to Level 3, and expect to reach it once they return the signet ring to Benwick. At the end of the session, the party had just defeated the Gibberling Bunch and retrieved the crystal staff. The table chat was to ignore the Den of the Slavetakers quest and move on to the Elves of the Valley. The PCs will have completed Stuck in the Mud, Eyes of the Forest, and most of the Tainted Spiral. Elves of the Valley will probably be the last one of the Level 1 adventures of the Chaos Scar.

Elves of the Valley
Episode 6

Session 6 Post Game Wrap up
Heidi, Marana, Human Warlock Level 1
Mathias, Abraxas, Dragonborn Fighter Level 1
Ryan, Karl Human Bard Level 3
Eugene, Gnarsh, Half-Orc Barbarian Level 2
Kenova, Half-Elf Wizard Level 1

Adventure: Elves of the Valley
Treasure Gained:
Level 1 Parcels 3, 4, 7, 9
Deathsteel Scale +1 Level 2 Item
Obsidian Wand Level 3 Item
10 gp and Potion of Healing
1500 sp 3000 cp

Monsters Defeated:
2 Blackleaf Snipers
4 minion Hunting wolves
3 elf scouts
1 mud lasher
Voice in the Darkness
3 Bloodthorn vines
4 twig blight minions
Anise the Chaos Warrior
Fey Panther

Main Plot Points

They left the crystal staff and dynamic dagger +2 with Oneus to identify
They acquired 8 vials to collect weirdness from the Chaos Scar and return to him
A short skill challenge ensued in which the PCs cemented their relationship with Oneus
A town crier alerted the PCs to a celebration a week hence in which the heroes who brought to justice the Brothers Grey and rescued the halflings of Den of the Slave takers will be toasted and rewarded.
Next was the Elves in the Valley adventure, which the party handily defeated.

Tough Times for Hired Help
Episode 7

Treasure Gained: None, although Karl decided to keep the dynamic Weapon +2

Monsters Defeated: 1st encounter of Death in the Pincers

Experience Gained: 120 each

Main Events/Plot points:

Some time in Restwell, then went to drake’s cave in Death in the Pincers, finished the first encounter, ended with cliffhanger introduction to Encounter 2

NPC interactions:Hired Carsaadi Wyrmsbane and Brak, two men at arms from Restwell Keep– both died while in the caves of the drakes

Oneus gave information about the crystal staff and the +2 Dynamic weapon

  • +2 weapon, no matter what weapon it is, keeps its specific S-shape
  • Can be transformed into any other melee weapon with a minor action, but reverts back to dagger at end of encounter
  • Command word to change shape is: “Like a Boss”

    New directions/Hooks introduced: told about the immanent arrival of Cousin Reginald-told about the history of Restwell Keep -PCs very interested in exploring beneath the Keep for the fabled Greysen treasure

Meet Cousin Reginald
Episode 8

Session began with the party in the cave of the rage drakes/giant ants. They had just defeated the drakes, and before they could take an extended rest, they were beset by a wave of giant ants, which turned into two encounters before they were able to say they were done.

Treasure Recovered:
* 650 gp of Residuum
* 155 gp
* Battle Standard of Healing (Level 3 Item)

Experience Gained:
* 925 Total divided by 3=308 each

Then the party wished to take an extended rest at “Fraley’s Mud Hut,” but determined that some kind of creature that utilizes webs had entered it, went to the tower area, and finally just traveled back to Restwell Keep to rest well. At the Stumbling Giant, they ran into Jarek, who initially gave them the hook to go to the drakes cavern, and gave him a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for setting them up. Boom! An extra 60 xp!

By the way, a natural 20 on a Charisma check at the Stumbling Giant to perform for pay will get you 2d6 gold for a night.

Ashi is an awful dancer, embarassing herself twice in the Stumbling Giant dancing on tables. Mother Aran said to her, “Please stop, dear, you’re going to hurt yourself.”

In the rest day, Ashi went to Oneus and presented him the Chaos Shard they extracted from the drakes cavern. He verified that the Shard was the same kind of magic the party has found in other places in the Scar, a weird, otherworldly, and evil kind of magic. She left it with Oneus to study.

Mid-morning the party met with Cousin Reginald, who arrived with six guards. He invited them to a private lunch. Ashi bought herself a wedding dress and arrived fashionably late. Cousin Reginald was instantly smitten. The party was invited to a campfire party outside the Keeps gates at sunset that night. They accepted.

Benwick was at the party, and mentioned his distrust and dislike of Ronnick, the moneylender. It seems Ronnick has cemented his reputation as an asshole by getting rough with some of his customers who are having a hard time making his payments.

Finally, as the moon got high in the sky, Cousins Reginald and Karl withdrew to the tent to discuss the reason for Reginalds appearance. Karl was told about the true history of his family, and about the treasure stashes his grandfather Dystrachan had created in the Chaos Scar. It seems that Dystrachan’s journal has revealed one, and Reginald wishes Karl to find it and split the treasure with him equally. He presented Karl with a Bard’s Songbow +1 as a gift, and the deal was sealed.

He's But a Wee Shaver
Episode 10

Treasure Gained: 15 GP, and the coats of arms of three members of the Iron Circle

Monsters Defeated:6 Human Goons, 5 Iron Circle Brigands, 4 Tar Devil Juveniles, 1 Iron Circle Dark Adept, 1 Tar Devil Brawler

Experience Gained: 1296 Total, 323 Each

Main Events/Plot points:

After the huge win last week in Restwell Keep, this weeks adventure began with the party meeting a gnome psion/rogue named Alston (played by John). The party moved immediately to the cave of Fraley treasure that Cousin Reginald told them about in Session 8. At the entrance they defeated several goons, brigands, and tar devil juveniles. Alston found traveling in Abraxus’ backpack to be less safe than one might think.

They climbed down the rope to the slick and slimy second level of the dungeon. Despite the limited mobility of the area, they still managed to defeat the Iron Circlites that were there. Alston proved an intimidating gnome, delivering the final stroke to end the threat of the Tar Devil Brawler there, and confidently striding through Ashi‘s Pillar of Flame to the remaining Iron Circle Dark Adept and Brigands. Karl intimidated them into surrender, and forced them to sign over their fealty to him, writing the promise in their own blood on Ashi’s cast off day dress. The night ended with three Iron Circlites tied with DC 17 bonds just outside a large silver panel that may or may not be a door to the fabled vault of House Fraley treasures.

The Hoard
Episode 11

Plot Summary
It turned out the silver panel was a door of sorts, barring anyone without Fraley blood and the command word, “Git Ow-n Otta Heeyah” from entering. Karl uttered the hick phrase, the silver panel slid up, revealing a large set of double doors. Blast! Foiled agin!

A complexity 4 skill challenge ensued, which the party failed. They lost 2 healing surges, the doors blasted open anyway, and the guardian of House Fraley’s hoard got a surprise round against them.

The guardian was Darom Madar, an oath wight, which is a powerful undead creature capable of dominating and forcing PCs to attack each other-Good Fun!

There were 8 columns in the chamber, all of them carved with devilish faces and exuding hellish power. Darom Madar was able to use these columns to teleport around the chamber, and any PC who could make a DC 17 Arcana check could also utilize these columns to teleport, but if they didn’t make the Arcana check, they were teleported randomly instead. Even more Fun!

In the third round of the fight, Gnarsh, who had been following the party, slid down the shaft from the first level of the caverns, and proceeded to scare the shit out of the Iron Circleites that were now guarding the rear. Gnarsh, ever the diplomatic one, managed to get by the guards and entered the chamber just in time to get dominated and stab Abraxus in the face a few times.

By the 10th round, Darom Madar was defeated, and it was hoard stealin’ time! The details of what the hoard contained is detailed below, although two certain items stood out.

A silver goblet, engraved with scenes of devils and humans cavorting, emanated a seriously evil aura. In place of the eyes of the devils on this goblet were 6 tiny rubies. The Iron Circle Dark Adept was particularly piqued by this piece, and when asked, told the party that this was the object the Iron Cirlce had sent them to acquire. Karl also got them to reveal the location of the Iron Circle’s main camp in the Chaos Scar.

In an old warddrobe (of no value), the party found a note inscribed with the following Haiku:

Many eyes watch the phoenix

feast on hot fishes

the Fraley hoard, yours to keep

After an extended rest, the party decided to check out the remaining area of the caverns. The next area was down a steep, slime covered slide. Karl rode his floating disk, Alston rode Gnarsh like a surfboard, Abraxus assumed the lotus position and meditated down on his ample dragonborn ass, and AshiBeni followed behind. They skidded to a stop in a smaller lightless chamber. A few moments after arriving, weird reptilian insects (or were they insectoid reptiles?) began to pour in from adjacent chamber. These were Kruthiks, and boy howdy, did the PCs kill the hell out of them! Searching the chambers turned up a treasure parcel, detailed below.


Character Race Class Player
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
Gnarsh Half-Orc Barbarian Eugene
Abraxus Dragonborn Fighter Matthias
AshiBeni ’RainCloud Half-Elf Wizard Kanova
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon


Monetary-Total Level 2 parcels: 5

The Hoard of House Fraley, Part I Level 2 Parcels 4, 6, 10 and the goblet worth 250 GP

  • 2000 Copper Pieces
  • Everburning Torch (50 GP)
  • 15 Silver Bars worth 5 Gold Pieces each
  • Fine suit of clothing embroidered with “DF” (30 GP)
  • Amulet of Health +1, a level 3 item
  • A felt pouch containing 100 GP and an orb (15 GP)
  • A stained bag run through with silver thread containing 50 SP
  • A jar filled with 8 ounces of sweet smelling perfume (40 GP)
  • The Note mentioned above
  • The silver goblet mentioned above which is worth 250 GP

Treasure in the Kruthik lair Level 2 Parcel 5

  • 2 100 GP gems
  • Healing Potion
  • 40 GP

Experience Points

First Encounter: 1050 Total 210 Each

Second Encounter: 797 Total 159 Each

Obstacles Overcome

  • Darom Madar, Level 4 Solo Monster
  • The Pillars of Chaos, Level 4 Hazard
  • 12 Kruthik Hatchlings, Level 2 Minions
  • 2 Sharn Kruthik, Level 2 Lurker
  • 1 Adult Kruthik, Level 4 Brute
Justice is Blind...and deaf...and dumb
Episode 12

Plot Summary

This week’s episode began with the party having just taken a short rest in the Kruthik’s hive. When they emerged back into the main area, they found that the Iron Circlites they’d captured were not to be trusted, and had escaped. Thankfully, they’d not cut the rope to the chamber, and the party was able to get out.

As the party made their way, they stumbled upon the Crossroads, a sort of fencing operation in the Chaos Scar that enables the civilized peoples of Restwell Keep to trade with the savage races of the Chaos Scar. Restwell Keep has been known to “disappear” people into the Scar through the Crossroads, as well. See the Crossroads entry in the wiki under Places.

As Alston, AshiBeni and AshiBeni’s familiar raven (no name yet!) scouted the Crossroads, the rest of the group stayed behind. They found a human caged in the Gibbet Tree with three hobgoblins standing guard. A tiefling female was training crested felldrakes just outside the trading post, and a group of various humanoids were inside. The boneyard appeared to have restless dead syndrome.

Being they carried a large amount of loot from Fraley’s treasure hoard, the party decided to leave well enough alone at the Crossroads and headed back to Restwell Keep. They were met with suspicious askance glances from the townspeople and a close eye by the town guards. After asking around, it was found that Drysdale and his men were blaming the party for the fracas with the crested felldrakes a few days before. They rented a room from the disapproving Mother Aran at the Stumbling Giant, and decided to split up and investigate happenings and complete quests.

Alston found his way to Fountain Square and asked around about Drysdale. He found out that Drysdale had requested that a platoon of dwarven mercenaries from Hammerfast come down to Restwell Keep to bolster security. Another rumor revealed that a gold dragon worshipper of Erathis may also be on the way to assist with the problems in the Keep.

AshiBeni met up with her old schoolmate, Ruanna Lorewise, just outside the private apartments row in the Outer Bailey and chatted about old times. Ruanna recommended to AshiBeni that the party leave the Keep and lay low for a while. It seems that AshiBeni’s adoptive brother, Fo, has finally found a god to suit his paladinhood, but Ruanna didn’t know which one it was.

Karl met with Cousin Reginald about his foray into Grandfather Dystrachan’s hoardspace. Through the course of the conversation, Cousin Reginald revealed that he expected the party to recover a specific item; a silver plate engraved with images of fish. When Karl revealed his contract for the services of the Iron Circlites written in their own blood, Reginald grew very excited.

Gnarsh and Abraxus met with Oneus Earthmane just a few doors down and Oneus finally presented them with the staff the party had recovered from the Pillar of Eyes (Episode 5) and the crystal shard they recovered from the cavern of the weird drakes (Episode 8). It turned out that the crystal and the staff could easily fuse into one item; a +1 staff with a concealing and pushing daily power. The power’s command word is: “Skidousch!”

Meanwhile, the conversation between Karl and Cousin Reginald had taken an ugly turn, when Karl revealed the presence of the goblet of eyes (Held on Abraxus). Cousin Reginald then demanded Karl turn over the goblet, and sent two of his thugs with him to procure it. As Karl stepped outside Cousin Reginald’s private quarters, Gnarsh and Abraxus were just leaving Oneus’, and AshiBeni was standing nearby with Ruanna. Alston was nowhere to be seen.

What happened next could appropriately be called a klusterfunk. AshiBeni’s raven familiar (Noanammie?) tried to fly to Karl’s shoulder, and the thug knocked it to the ground. Karl attempted to flee, fruitlessly yelling at the town guards to attack, and he was knocked to the ground as well. Abraxus and Gnarsh closed on the thugs as Cousin Reginald emerged from his private apartment. Cousin Reginald immediately sensed the evil of the goblet of eyes held in Abraxus breast pocket, and grabbed for it. Abraxus resisted, and Cousin Reginald flooded his mind with wicked fantasies that left Abraxus dazed. AshiBeni tried to use Mage Hand to prevent Cousin Reginald to get ahold of the goblet, but it was no use. Once in his grasp, Cousin Reginald threw off his disguise as a foppish dandy, and revealed his true form; and 9 foot tall devil with burnt red skin, malicious curving horns, and huge outstretched bat-wings. Massive Evilgasm! He burst skyward with the goblet, leaving his thugs to fend for themselves.

The thugs tried to bolt for the gate out of Restwell Keep, but the gate slammed shut, and the town guard was able to subdue them and Ruanna. In one last quick move, AshiBeni turned invisible and saved herself from being imprisoned.

For several days Karl, Gnarsh, and Abraxus were held in the jail of Restwell Keep. Karl shared a cell with one Tordek Wyrmsbane, a cousin to Carsaadi Wyrmsbane, the man-at-arms killed by the weird drakes in Episode 5. AshiBeni was able to buy the loyalty of a town guard, and she and Alston set to work freeing the prisoners. It was a tense rescue, and they almost didn’t pull it off, but in the end they were successful. Tordek took off by himself, vowing to never set eyes upon the Chaos Scar again. The group was reunited with its gear, and left Restwell Keep, knowing full well that their next visit would not be a welcoming one.


Character Race Class Player
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
Gnarsh Half-Orc Barbarian Eugene
Abraxus Dragonborn Fighter Matthias
AshiBeni ’RainCloud Half-Elf Wizard Kanova
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon

The party received 140 XP each (700 Total) for escaping from the jail, and an additional 50 XP each (250 Total) for freeing Tordek Wyrmsbane. No treasure was gained in this episode, leaving a 1 parcel (Level 2) deficit for this week.

Obstacles Defeated
The party failed a rather long and complex skill challenge in dealing with Cousin Reginald, and succeed at a complexity 4 skill challenge to escape from the jail of Restwell Keep. No combat encounters were undertaken

Travelling to Fallcrest
Episode 13


Character Race Class Player
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
Gnarsh Half-Orc Barbarian Eugene
AshiBeni ’RainCloud Half-Elf Wizard Kanova
Marana Human Warlock/Rogue Heidi
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon

Plot Summary

After the events at Restwell Keep last week, the party decided to travel to Fallcrest, where perhaps their reputation is cleaner. On the first day of the two day journey, soft drizzles turned into heavier rain. A small group of lizardfolk from the Witchlight Fens set upon the party, attempting an ambush. The party routed the beast-men, although the Brackmarsh tribes Marsh Mystic was able to escape.

The rain continued, and progressed into a storm. As the day wore on, the temperatures dipped, and the party realized that they would have to find shelter, or face exposure. A look at the map, and the party saw that Vanamere’s tower was nearby.

Vanamere’s Tower was build long ago. After it’s mysterious builders died, it fell into disrepair until a few weeks ago, when the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, Faren Markelhay, decided to rebuild it as a guard post against the monstrous threats of the Cloakwood, Witchlight Fens, and Ogrefist Hills, all nearby.

Scouting the area, Alston saw several humans with their faces painted with yellow skulls holding a dwarf captive. The party decided to use a surprise round to rout the yellowskulls, and battle ensued. As the fight progressed, the dwarf revealed itself as a doppelganger, and six zombies wearing tabards of Fallcrest entered later. The party persevered, and from a hole in the floor of the crumbled ruins of the tower, the party heard voices and saw the flickering of a campfire.

Thugs as they are, the party proceeded to dump all the yellowskull and zombie bodies down the hole and plug it with a giant’s skull they found nearby. Heroic!

The storm, far from letting up, seemed to grow in intensity, and as the group took a short rest, a bolt of lightning dislodged a portion of the towers rock, and from it tumbled a scroll tube containing a scroll of Hand of Fate, which Alston recovered.


For defeat of the lizardfolk, the party was awarded 490 total XP or 98 XP each. For the encounter with the yellowskulls and zombies, the party was awarded 878 total XP, or 175 each. Grand total for the episode; 1368 or 273 each.

Scroll Case (25GP)
Scroll of Hand of Fate ritual (175GP)
Small pouch containing 20GP
Amulet of Protection +2 Level 6 Item (Awarded next week)

First Time in Fallcrest
Episode 14


Character Race Class Player
Karl Fraley Human Bard Ryan
Gnarsh Half-Orc Barbarian Eugene
Abraxus Dragonborn Fighter Matthias
AshiBeni ’RainCloud Half-Elf Wizard Kanova
Alston Gnome Psion/Rogue Jon

Plot Summary
After a restless night at the Tower of Vanamere, the party resumed its journey to Fallcrest. The rest of the journey was uneventful.

Upon arrived at the river city, the party met the dragonborn ferryman, Medresh Shelem. He and Abraxus struck up a conversation where the rumor was heard that the colder than usual spring is due to Calastryx the White Dragon working with harpies in the Winterbole Forest.

The party then went to Teldorthan’s Arms, the store and shop of the dwarf weaponsmith, Teldorthan Ironhews. Teldorthan told them of the adventurers that hired him to make some dragonscale armor. These adventurers traveled to a dark wood north of Fallcrest and slew the adamantium dragon, Karonzaxus. Teldorthan then offered the party 200 GP or a +1 weapon or armor if they would go back to Karonzaxus’ lair and retrieve 15 dragon scales and return them to Teldorthan. The party accepted.

As the party made their way through the Lower Quays of Fallcrest, they fell into a game of Goblin Army (a dice/bluffing game) with an attractive half-elf female. Alston found the game to be of his liking, unfortunately the game was a ruse. As they played, three tough human thugs surrounded the party with nefarious intent. As Alston attempted to pick the half-elf’s pocket, the situation degenerated quickly into a battle with these thugs and grifters, who it was revealed were members of the River Rats, a well known thieves’ guild from Fallcrest. In the ensuing battle Gnarsh died an ignoble death, and there was much wailing in the streets (not really)

Alston revealed his history with the River Rats. It seems he used his psionic powers to seduce and steal a turquoise gem from the daughter of the halfling leader of the River Rats, whose name is Kelson. In addition to leading a thieves’ guild, Kelson also owns and operates a tavern in the Lower Quays by the name of the Lucky Gnome.

After the battle the party made their way to the house of AshiBeni’s family in the Upper Quays of Fallcrest, in the shadow of the Temple of Erathis. There they met several of Ashi’s siblings, notably Ta’Mairra, Rude, and Liliana. Fo, Ashi’s brother, also is in Fallcrest, but stays at the House of the Sun, the Temple to Pelor, where he is a paladin.

Over the next three days, the party holed at the family house, where Karl created several potions of cure light wounds. Ashi and Abraxus took a carriage to the RainCloud manor house, which lies about 5 miles north of Fallcrest. Ashi was greeted rudely at the door by her sister Baratunde, and told to leave, that Ashi was not wanted.

During this interval, the head priest at the House of the Sun, a firey dwarf named Grundelmar, asked the PCs to venture into Fallcrests catacombs and recover a magical tome known as the Anusari Codex. He told the PCs to look out for a necromancer named Traevus, also a dwarf, whom Grundelmar believes also seeks the Anusari Codex.

Megoras, a nobleman that Ashi’s family had long connections with, also sought the party’s help in recovering a ritual book he was to have delivered.

Obstacles Defeated

River Rats

Monster Role Level Number XP for 1 Total XP
Market Green Grifter Lurker 2 1 125 125
Lowtown Kneebreaker Brute 3 3 150 450
Lowtown Urchin Skirmisher 1 2 100 200

Episode Rewards

Experience:775 XP for the River Rats Total. Per character:155XP

Loot:A Level 3 Treasure parcel recovered from the River Rats stash house in the Lower Quays (380 GP?)


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