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Notes about the calendar

The months of the year are neatly uniform, thanks to the moon Sehanines perfectly rational orbits. Their are 12 months of exactly 28 days each. That leads to four seven-day weeks, with Moonday, the second day of the week, being the first day of Sehanines quarter cycle.

The current year is 1242 NH. NH stands for Nerathi Homesteading, or the year in which Thaddeus the Wise, the founder of the Nerathi empire first broke ground at the site of Nera (the city). Many scholars disagree about whether this is indeed chronologically accurate, because the Empire collapsed in 1174 NH, and most doubt that Nerath was a thousand year empire. At this point, the arguments are all purely academic, and most common folk generally only measure time from their own birth or possible other portentous events.

One of these portentous events is the Coursing of Ashes of 1065. In that year, it is said that ancient red dragon named Pyrpherion opened a planar portal to the Elemental Chaos. This released many fire elementals into the world, and nearly halved the population of the common lands. It is believed that the population crash due to the ensuing famine is one of the primary reasons for the collapse of the empire of Nerath.

One of the most important years occured in 1154NH, the year of the Howling Tusks, also known as the Streams of Tears. This was the year that the orc horde descended from the Stonemarch and eliminated half of the population that had rebounded from the Coursing of Ashes. Uncountable were the numbers of the foul monsters that descended, and scholars disagree about what may have caused this unbelievable buildup of orcs, but it was undoubtedly the final blow to the empire of Nerath.


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