Rumors you’ve acquired:

Restwell Keep

  • 1. An evil cult of Bane has established itself in the Scar, worshipping an artifact of the Black Hand.
  • 3. Benwick, the traveling priest of Sehanine, is a fine fellow who donated a generous amount of coin to Drysdale’s defense fund.
  • 5. Benwick, the priest of Sehanine, is actually a priest of Vecna, seeking the eye of Vecna within the Chaos Scar.
  • 6. Lord Drysdale distrusts the Saruun Guildmages, otherwise why are they kept in the outer Bailey?
  • 9. Syradon, the scribe, lost his ability to speak when his father, a gold prospector, hit a oil gusher when Syradon was but a babe.
  • 30. If the Holy Fellowship of Erethelion were to ask for the shirt off my back, I’d surely give it to ‘em, they’ve done so much for Restwell Keep.
  • 31. The ghost of Grim-Eye the hobgoblin chief, haunts the Old Gate.


  • 1. The colder that usual spring is the result of harpies in the Winterbole Forest teaming up with Calastryx the White Dragon.


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